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Frost Delay Procedure

BY admin January 30, 2020

During this time of year it is common to a have a number of frost delays, we would like to refresh all our members on the procedures involved and the reasons for any delays. Below we’ve included a link to a short video from the USGA which illustrates the damage caused if a person walks on frozen grass. Please take the time to view it. When there is a frost delay announced, this applies to all grass areas including the practice putting and chipping greens along with all surrounds.

As fellow golfers ourselves, we understand the frustration with which frost delays brings, however they are necessary for the protection of the golf course. It may be the case that there is no frost at your house, however, frost can linger in colder microclimates long after other areas have thawed. North-facing slopes, low-lying areas and areas sheltered from the wind are especially likely to remain covered with frost.

We always endeavor to open the course as soon as is possible & keep members updated with the current course status. We thank you for your patience and understanding when it occurs.

In relation to the timesheet, it is our policy to proceed with the order of play in the same order as the timesheet is in from first light. Sometimes a number of members drop out, and we are able to get some of the delayed time back. For this reason, we ask members to err on the side of arriving early for their revised tee-off time.